Software Testing:

A Craftsman's Approach,

5th Edition

The fifth edition of Software Testing—A Craftsman's Approach appears 25 years after the first edition and now there is a co-author, Dr. Byron DeVries. Together, Paul and Byron have 32 years of industrial experience and a few more years of university teaching and research in Software Engineering. Paul’s testing experience is on telephone switching systems software; Byron’s is on avionics systems. The book has evolved over four editions and 25 years of classroom and industrial use. We continue the pattern of presenting theory, using it to describe testing techniques, and illustrating all of this with carefully selected examples. We retained some of the classical examples and replaced others with a comprehensive web-based example, the Foodies Wish List, that is used throughout where appropriate. This lends a unifying “leitmotif” to our book. An outline is available here.

Here are some the highlights of the Fifth Edition...

  • This book now has a website, (also .com) that contains all Java code, powerpoint presentations, and various notes.

  • Parts 2, 3, and 4 are essentially object-oriented. All pseudo-code examples are now converted to Java. Unit testing examples use JUnit.

  • We included specific information on commercial and open-source tools for code-based testing. Also, we added three examples of commercial Model-Based Testing products to the Model-Based Testing chapter.

  • Testing object-oriented software is consolidated in a single chapter.

  • There is a new chapter on the feature interaction problem.

  • There is a new emphasis (and example) for modeling and testing event-driven systems.

  • We retained the chapter on technical inspections and the corresponding appendix